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Welcome to Walton Youth Development Center: Education


Youth at Walton Youth Development Center participate in physical training and team sports activities. Their daily activities are part of a rigid schedule that begins at 5:00 a.m.

The youth attend an excellent school program provided by the Walton County School District.

Youth have the opportunity to participate in vocational programming provided by Walton County School District as part of their educational experience and if eligible, can even earn a GED or accredited High School Diploma.

Walton Youth Development Center also partners with Homebuilders Institute (HBI) who also provides vocational training to thirteen (13) youth who meet eligibility criteria for this program. HBI offers Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT), which members of the housing industry have helped develop to ensure that employer workforce needs and training competencies are compatible. This certification encompasses areas such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and landscaping. HBI also provides employability skills training and job placement services to youth.

Community Service projects are an integral part of the Walton Youth Development Center program and are incorporated into our vocational programming. Projects are constructed at the Walton Youth Development Center by our youth and upon completion, the projects are delivered to various sites within the community.

Community service projects completed by our youth include construction of storage sheds for Habitat for Humanity, construction of dog houses for the local humane society, and construction of basketball racks for the Boys and Girls Club.

Through community service projects Walton Youth Development Center youth learn the benefits of altruism, and the local community becomes more satisfied with the rehabilitation process and more willing to help youth transition back into the community.

Walton Youth Development Center is a program that provides adjudicated youth with the opportunity of a second chance. As part of a team devoted to excellence and success, youth leave our program with the skills and knowledge to become a productive and responsible citizen in the community.

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